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BSA R-10 Custom

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Welcome to XTX Air, based in Lower Broadheath, Worcester in the UK.

Services offered include:

  • regulators for the Ultra, Scorpion, Hornet and R-10,
  • regulators for the Air Arms S400, S410, S510 and S200 rifles,
  • regulators for most rifles with an air cylinder,
  • pressure gauges for the BSA, Gamo and AA S200 rifles,
  • home of the X-Tune - to improve reliability, consistency and accuracy,
  • custom shrouds and silencers,
  • authorised Daystate repair and servicing agent,
  • customising, repairs and servicing of various makes of rifle,
  • machining custom parts and accessories for various rifles,
  • calibre conversions and barrel swaps,
  • barrel shortening and threading for silencers/moderators,
  • power checks to ensure rifles are within the UK legal limit,
  • spare parts, accessories and gun sales,
  • gun transfers, storage and maintenance,
  • sales of new Smith&Wesson M&P15-22 rifles,
  • sales of new Daystate and Steyr air rifles,
  • sales of new Vortex Optics,
  • sales and installation of HuMa, Tench and Lane regulators.

If there is anything you would like that you can't find on the website, feel free to get in touch...

The receptionist, sales director, marketing director, secretary, social media director, engineer, web-master, eShop manager, gun smith, technical director, R&D director, customer services director, cleaner and general dog's body is Darrin Lynn, that is right, XTX Air is a one man band. Please bear this in mind when contacting me or chasing work/replies, I work long hours but as there are only so many hours in a day I can't keep everybody happy all the time. 

02/04/2014 It has come to my attention that Royal Mail and Parcel Force have decided to prohibit any pressurised vessels, even if they are empty and have their valves removed. This means buddy bottles, the air cylinders on rifles, even rifles with one piece actions that have an inbuilt air cylinder are prohibited.  It is a senseless rule, especially if the cylinders/bottles are empty and have the valve removed. If you send me your rifle (or parts) and it gets sent for inspection and subsequently gets destroyed by RM/PF I will not be held responsible. I use TNT to return rifles that have air cylinders or buddy bottles fitted. 

The temporary work around for people wanting send me their actions is to remove the air cylinder before posting the actions to me. I will use my own air cylinders for testing and setting up the rifle. 

YouTube clip showing how to remove and refit an air cylinder to a BSA PCP

This is a list of some of the rifles I have serviced/worked on:

BSA R-10, Ultra, Scorpion, Hornet, SuperTen, Ultra SE, Scorpion SE,

Air Arms FTP900, EV2, Pro-Target, S310, S400, S410, MPR, HFT500, S510, S510TC, TX200, S200, TDR, Ultimate Sporter,

Daystate Huntsman, Regal, Mk4, Platinum, GP, Mk3, Wolf, Ranger, Wolverine, PH6, Harrier, X2,

Weihrauch HW100, HW101, HW97, HW77, HW95,

FX Verminator, Storm, Cyclone, T12, Bobcat, Biathlon,

RWS Excalibre, 500,

Webley FX 2000, Raider,

Hatsan At-44,

Logun Mk11

Ataman M2

RAW TM1000,

KalibrGun Cricket,

Theoben Rapid, MFR, E Type,


Ripley Elite, AR5S


Steyr LG110,


A few brands of firearms and shotguns, 

And a few others that I can't remember right now...